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Friday, September 10, 2010

Prank Call Pickup Artist

Early in life at the age of 15 I found myself bored one night and decided to just make random crank calls.

Typical stuff like you might here from the jerkey boys. But after being bored and running out of material, I decided to see how long I could keep a Girl on the phone without here hanging up on me.

I have never been successful at meeting women in real time face to face but soon discovered I could entertain strange women over the telephone. So after about 10 hangups from Women I finally baited a woman long enough to talk to. "Hello is Anne there" i asked. "There is not Anne here at this residence" she said. "Oh, I met this lady last night at the On Broadway (Nightclub) and this is the number she gave me". She told me she wasnt there and had never been to the nightclub but was somewhat amused at the fact someone did this to me. I tried to give her the impression I was sad over the phone and asked if She had any friends that would do such a thing. She was hooked more and told me she had a few that might do something like this. It turned out she was a married navy wife who was from the filipines. She was bored and was in the middle of seperation from her husband.

I realized she became more and more confortable talking to me. I didnt want to ruin the chance of meeting this woman so I told her I was late for work and that i really enjoyed talking to her and if it was ok to call her back. She agreed.

After about a week of nightly conversations with her I asked her out for coffee. now remember I was only 15 and she was 23. I told her I was 19 over the phone and when we met She knew right off I was much younger then I claimed. I then told her I was 17 and got into the nightclub using my brothers ID. She seemed to be ok with dating a 17 year old so after coffee she invited me over to her house on the base. he husband was out on a pacific tour and she was left all alone in base housing. She made me dinner, rented some beta movies and fucked my brains out on her couch. She felt it wasnt morally right to hump me in her bedroom but had no problem getting nasty on the couch. It was the last time I would see her. she finally left her husband (I guess from the guilt) and moved in with her cousin in San Diego.

I was hurt and yet I learn a great tool in meeting women. Women love mysterious men. they want adventure in life. Meeting someone in person and falling in love with their looks is natural but doesnt last long. meeting a stranger over the phone and trying to picture one another is much funner.

In the 15 years I used this technique before finally settling down and marrying I must have met 2 dozen women and had spoken to at least 100 women who chose not to meet me. Some became regular phone sex partners.

Things have changed in the 21st century though. Most people now Own Cell Phones or Use *69 to call back or block incoming calls that have their ID blocked, so Im very glad I had the chance to live as a youth in the last decade before the phone company started to sell these features in California.

There is always the Pay Phone if you want to use these techniques. Try different stories to hook a woman into chatting with you. But women love opportunity and are very curious creatures. Its almost impossible to meet women on the streets if your a below average looking man but using these techniques allows the woman to get to know your soul first, the rest maybe superficial to a woman who can go out with anyone.

Also remember that all 2 dozen women who were willing to meet me were above average in looks. and 2 women actually modeled. 1 for Cosmetic Magazines and a latin girl who models for several front pages of Low Rider magazine.


  1. :)) omg i cant wait to do this

  2. This is an awesome story, but you are right that it would definitely not work anymore due to technological differences. 15 is a little young to fuck on a married womans couch though, don't ya think. :P

  3. Nice story, glad you learned a lot from the experience.