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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Would you take a drug to cure your acne, but might give you IBD?

If I had known that my intestines were at risk of being chronically inflamed I would've have never taken it! The fact is the manufacturers of Accutane knew about the IBD risks but decided to sell the product anyways, reaping massive profits.

The makers of Accutane, Roche Holding, pulled the drug after several lawsuits that resulted in large payments to plaintiffs who claimed that Accutane caused their inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). A recent study (presented at the American College of Gastroenterology's 2009 meeting) of 21,832 healthy people and 8,189 people with IBD showed that those who had taken Accutane were one and a half times more likely to have developed IBD. The risk further increased with long-term use of the drug.

A look inside UC


My colonoscopy photos, with my name censored.

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Great News!

I have decided to create a blog for the chronic disease ulcerative colitis because I myself am afflicted with this disease. The cause was likely to be due to my previous intake of Accutane.

I am currently filing a lawsuit against the makers of Sotret, the generic brand of Isotretinion that caused my ulcerative colitis. I have had no family history of any kind of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

The lawsuit is in motion, this disease is chronic and has no cure, requiring DAILY EXPENSIVE MEDICINE.

If you or someone you know has taken Accutane, let them know that it could be the cause for serious chronic IBD. The damage Accutane can do to your bowels is permanent and irreversible.